What is The Trial Balance - Codewise Module in Tally?

The Trial Balance - codewise module in Tally is an add-on that helps you to view and print the trial balance in a codewise format. If you have multiple accounts that have different codes assigned to them, you may want to see the trial balance with codes for each account. You can enable the Trial Balance - code wise module in Tally and view the details of debit balance, credit balance, closing balance and so on for each account with its code. It helps you to monitor and manage your accounts with codes.

List of Features

Customizable Codes for Accounts

Assign codes to accounts as per your requirement to categorize and identify them easily.

Trial Balance With Codes

View and print the trial balance with codes for each account to see the summary of your accounts with their codes.

Multi-column Comparison & Analysis

Compare and analyse the trial balance with multiple columns for different periods or ledgers to get a deeper insight into your financial position and performance.

Dual Nomenclature for Accounting Heads

Post vouchers with accounting heads provided by Tally Prime and get reports with both nomenclatures to maintain consistency and accuracy in your accounting records.

Data Exporting to Various Formats

Export the data to various formats like Excel, PDF, etc. to share or store the data as per your convenience and preference.

Report Printing & Emailing

Print or email the report as per your requirement to communicate or present the data to your stakeholders or clients.