What is Tally Prime Auditor Edition?

Tally Prime Auditors Edition is intended to assist you in transforming your practice and streamlining the operations of CAs and their clients. This unmatched product, when used in conjunction with Tally Prime installed at your clients offices, can increase audit efficiency, reduce time and effort, increase opportunity by adding new services to your portfolio, and more.

Features of Tally Prime Auditor Edition

Anomaly Recognition

Tally Prime Auditor edition can recognize anomalies in transactions and provide insight into transaction trends over time.

Irregular or Recurring Transaction Detection

Tally Prime Auditor edition offers a variety of configurations for detecting and recording transactions that appear to be irregular or recurring.

Year to Year Comparison

Tally Prime Auditor edition allows users to compare this year’s statistics to those from previous years, quickly uncovering inconsistencies by identifying unexpected data relationships.

Efficient Reporting

Increased revenue and cost potential: Tally Prime Auditor edition can help increase your revenue and cost potential.

Increased Revenue & Cost Potential

Tally Prime Auditor edition can help increase your revenue and cost potential.


It is indeed feasible! You can add entries for tax provisions, appropriations, interest provisions, prior period items, and depreciation provisions, among other things, by using the Audit Journal feature.

Yes, you can. You can easily audit client data from older Tally versions, even Tally 4.5, with the Tally Auditors Edition. However, if your client is using an older version of Tally, you might need to migrate or rewrite the Tally data. It is crucial to remember that once you have migrated your data from an older version of Tally to Tally Prime, you cannot go back and do the reverse.

You can, indeed! All you have to do to transfer data from one Tally to another is export and import Audit Journal transactions in XML format.

Ans. You can get in touch with us to learn more about Tally Prime Auditors Edition. If you would like to know the cost of Tally's Auditor version, you can also send us an inquiry.

Chartered Accountants' audit efficiency can be improved with the aid of Tally Prime Auditors Edition (CAs). They can benefit from having remote access to the client's data and reports. They can use it to identify data discrepancies and effectively eliminate errors. This software can also be used to find transactional irregularities. Additionally, it provides security and opening balance verification, enabling quick resolution of any discrepancies. CAs can benefit from Tally Prime Auditors Edition's regular Statutory Compliance support. Additionally, it makes it simple to access the audit dashboard and create annexes and reports for tax audits.