What is Tally Prime Single User?

The single-user edition is nothing but the Silver Edition of Tally Prime. In a LAN environment, only one user can access the license at a time. All other instances of Tally Prime that are currently using the license must be closed before another user can access it.

Features of Tally Prime Single User

Simple & Easy to Use Interface

Tally Prime has a user-friendly interface that makes accounting tasks efficient and easy to perform.

Advanced Remote Access

With Tally Prime, users can access their data from anywhere, allowing them to manage their business on-the-go.

In-built Banking Features

Tally Prime simplifies bank reconciliation and payment processing with its in-built banking features.

Multi Currency Support

Businesses dealing with international transactions can benefit from Tally Prime’s multi-currency support.

Data Security Measures

Tally Prime ensures data privacy with its user-level access and password-protected data security measures.


Tally Prime Silver is intended for a single user, whereas Tally Gold is intended for an unlimited number of users on a local area network (LAN).

The main distinction between Tally single user and Tally Multi user is the number of users who can use it. Tally single user, also known as Tally silver edition, can be installed and used on a single computer. Tally multi user or Gold edition, on the other hand, is intended for multiple users on a LAN.

Under the paid rental mode, Tally Prime allows you to change the product edition from Single User to Multi User and vice versa.