What is Tally Prime Multi User?

The multi-user edition is nothing but the Gold Edition of TallyPrime.The Gold edition is a licenses for multiple users. In a LAN environment, multiple users can access the license at the same time.TallyPrime Server, in conjunction with TallyPrime, can be used to manage the concurrent use of company data.

Features of Tally Prime Multi User

Concurrent Multi-User Access

Tally Prime allows multiple users to work on the software simultaneously, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Role-Based Access Control

Users’ access can be limited based on their roles and responsibilities, ensuring data security and privacy.

Audit Trail Features

Tally Prime’s audit trail features allow users to track all changes made to transactions, providing transparency and accountability.

Multiple Companies

Tally Prime allows users to set up multiple companies within the same software, making it easier to manage multiple businesses.

Centralized Backup & Restore

Tally Prime’s centralized backup and restore functionality ensures data safety and recovery in case of system failure.


Tally Prime Silver is intended for a single user, whereas Tally Gold is intended for up to 10 users on a local area network (LAN).

The main distinction between Tally single user and Tally Multi user is the number of users who can use it. Tally single user, also known as Tally silver edition, can be installed and used on a single computer. Tally multi user or Gold edition, on the other hand, is intended for multiple users on a LAN.

Under the paid rental mode, Tally Prime allows you to change the product edition from Multi User to Single User and vice versa.

Using a multi-user license, you can have up to10 users on the same LAN environment

The primary distinction between Tally silver and gold is the number of users. Tally Silver is intended for a single user, whereas Tally Gold allows up to 10 users on a local area network (LAN). It means that Tally Prime Silver can only be activated and used on a single computer.