What is TSS Multi User?

Tally Software Services (TSS) - Multi User is also known as Gold TSS. It is a subscription-based service provided by Tally Solutions, the makers of Tally Prime software. It is a comprehensive set of services that are designed to keep your Tally Prime software up-to-date and fully functional.

Features of TSS Multi User

Multi-User Access

Tally Software Services (TSS) enables multiple users to work on the same Tally data simultaneously, with role-based access control to ensure data privacy and security.

Free Upgrades

With Tally Software Services (TSS), you get all the latest upgrades and updates to Tally Prime software at no extra cost.

Remote Access

Tally Software Services (TSS) enables remote access to your Tally data from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an active TSS subscription.

Data Security

With Tally Software Services (TSS), your data is protected through frequent and automatic backups. In case of any system failure or data loss, you can easily restore your data from the backup.

Audit Trail Features

Tally Software Services (TSS) offers audit trail features that allow you to track all changes made to transactions, ensuring transparency and accountability.


No. Your product will continue to function flawlessly even if you don't renew your TSS Multi User subscription, but without the value-added services offered by TSS.

Yes, you can renew your TSS Multi user subscription before the current validity expires. The new subscription will be active for 12 months following its expiration date.

If you do not renew your TSS - Multi User subscription then you will lose access to all the benefits of the service, including upgrades, updates and support. You can still use Tally Prime however, you will not receive any further updates.

Yes, you can use Tally Prime without TSS - Multi User. However, you will not receive any upgrades, updates, or support without an active TSS subscription.