What is Max?

Max is your comprehensive answer for your accounting management. It is an accounting hybrid mobile app or mobile-based accounting application for Android and iOS. That allows you to access all of your Tally Data while you are on the go. You can’t take your system everywhere you go, and Max helps you for pocket sizing your data I.e., synchronization your tally in your pocket. The Accounting and finance department is the Heart of an organization, where all the transactions go through the department, and we know that a good heart channelizes better health.

Features of Max


You can easily keep track of various’ ledgers with a varied period. Our mobile app even lets your reminders of parties’ due balances which can ensure timely inward cash flow. All such features are available on a single app on your mobile. Isn’t it amazing!

Check Reports

The app renders tally reports on mobile like a Daybook, Profit & loss statements on a daily, weekly, as well as monthly and yearly basis as per client need. Also, a report view could be generated which would aid in analyzing every single point you’re concerned about.

Check Inventory

Max also helps in tracking your inventory. Along with pricing and their fluctuations in rates, and the expected reorder and minimum and maximum levels. Through your Smartphone at just a click. This way, the app helps to make appropriate decisions. Whether you are in the office or out of the office. Avoiding overstocking or under-stocking of your inventory.

Reports with Graph

Nothing as good as understands the aspect of purchases, sales, and expenses with the supportive graphs and charts. Our app provides a detailed view of the financial data to give a clear insight into it.

Max Modules

Max Attendance is an automated attendance management software that tracks a user's attendance data and delivers numerous reports for further action. It not only reduces administrative costs but also allows HR to centrally manage attendance policy across many locations. Using Max attendance management software, HR can easily perform employee reviews, evaluations, and salary calculations.

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