Max Buddy

Introducing Max Buddy, the ultimate mobile sales engagement solution that empowers your sales team and drives your business growth right from your mobile. Max Buddy is the new technological discipline that will supercharge your sales warriors, helping them smartly manage multiple sales and stay up-to-date with the information they need to close deals and exceed their targets. Max Buddy is the perfect sales team management system that helps you lead your business to the next level.

Module Features

Effortlessly Track Sales Activities

Max Buddy helps sales executives to easily track their sales activities such as customer visits, cold calls, and follow-ups.

Stay on Top of Follow-Ups

Never miss out on a potential sale by managing outstanding follow-ups with ease.

Manage Your Leads Efficiently

Manage and track your sales executives' lead registers and update their active status with ease.

Customer Management Made Simple

Effectively manage your customers by creating and allocating customer attributes to your team.

Daily Performance Report

Get insights into your sales executives' daily sales activities and performances with our daily performance report.

Streamline Visit Register Management

Easily manage the visit register of your sales executives for optimized customer engagement.

Insightful Reports at Your Fingertips

Max Buddy provides easy access to reports such as sales reports, expense reports, and more for better decision-making.

Maximize Your Sales on-The-Go

Max Buddy is a mobile sales engagement solution that allows sales executives to manage their sales activities and access reports on-the-go.

Streamline Expense Management

Max Buddy's expense management feature allows sales executives to track and record their expenses with ease, including real-time tracking and advance requisition requests

Zero Dependability

With Max buddy, get real time access to stock availability, eliminating dependancy on accountant.

Conquer Your Territories

With area wise sales reporting and area wise customer details, you can stay on top of your area wise performance.


Max Buddy is a mobile sales engagement solution that helps strengthen your sales team and boost business growth. With features like real-time expense tracking, payment follow-up, and customer management tools, Max Buddy helps streamline your sales operations and improve your team's performance.

Max Buddy includes a "My Activity" feature that allows sales executives to track their customer visits, cold visits, and outstanding follow-ups. Meanwhile, team leaders and owners/managers can access visit and lead registers to stay up-to-date on their team's performance.

Yes, Max Buddy's expense module enables you to track and record expenses in real-time, request advances at the click of a button, and monitor pending / approved expenses for both on- and off-field employees. With this tool, you can better manage your expenses and stay in control of your business finances.

Yes, Max Buddy includes a robust reporting system that allows you to view daily performance reports, lead registers, and other key metrics. With this information, you can make informed decisions and optimize your sales operations for maximum efficiency.

Max Buddy is designed with user-friendliness in mind, making it easy to set up and use for sales executives and team leaders alike. With a simple, intuitive interface and helpful support resources, you can start using Max Buddy to enhance your sales operations right away.