What is The Control Cash Payment Module in Tally?

The Control Cash Payment add-on for Tally allows businesses to restrict cash payments within certain predefined limits. This add-on prevents the creation of payment entries that exceed the allowed limits and provides the option to reset these limits at the administrator level. It is designed to help businesses improve their control over cash payments and reduce the potential for errors or overspending by providing enhanced cash flow management.

List of Features

Cash Payment Limits

Maintain and restrict cash payments within predefined limits.

Payment Entry Prevention

Prevent payment entries that exceed allowed limits.

Limit Reset Option

Reset limits at the administrator level if needed.

Improved Control Over Cash Payments

Improve your control over cash payments and avoid misuse or mismanagement.

Reduced Errors or Overspending

Reduce the potential for errors or overspending by limiting cash payments.

Enhanced Cash Flow Management

Enhance your cash flow management by monitoring and controlling cash payments.