What is The Item Cost Breakup Profitability Module in Tally?

The Item Cost Breakup Profitability module in Tally is an add-on that helps you to track and analyse the cost and profit of each stock item across various transactions. If you deal with multiple stock items that have different costs and revenues, you may want to see the item cost analysis reports for each item. You can enable the Item Cost Breakup Profitability module in Tally and view the details of tracking, cost, revenue, balance at cost, net profit/loss for each item. It helps you to monitor and manage your item cost and profitability.

List of Features

Cost Tracking For Stock Items & Ledgers

Enable cost tracking for stock items and accounting ledgers to monitor the expenses and income associated with each item and ledger.

Customizable Cost & Profit Calculation

Calculate cost and profit for each stock item based on custom rules that suit your business needs and preferences.

Transaction-Wise Cost & Revenue Recording

Record transaction wise cost and revenue details to keep track of the profitability of each sale or purchase.

Outstanding Overdue Tracking

Track outstanding overdue against cost and revenue to manage your cash flow and avoid bad debts.

Item Cost Analysis Reports

View item cost analysis reports for each stock group, stock item and item cost track to get insights into the performance of your inventory and identify the most profitable items.

Item Cost Track Break-Up Report

View item cost track break-up report with item movement summary to see the breakdown of the costs and revenues of each item along with the quantity, rate and value of the transactions.

Job-Wise Cost & Revenue Tracking

Option to track the costs and revenues against specific jobs to measure the profitability of each project or assignment.

Standardized Profitability Reporting

Generate consistent and reliable reports of profitability by jobs, based on the cost and revenue tracking of each job.