What is The Invoice For Services Module in Tally?

The invoice for services module for Tally is an add-on that helps you to overcome the challenges of invoicing for various types of services. If you provide different kinds of services to your customers, you may face challenges like describing the services in detail, providing break up for each service, printing the invoice on letterhead. The invoice for services module solves these challenges by allowing you to create professional and accurate invoices for any type of service without creating multiple ledgers and items.

List of Features

Flexible Invoicing

Choose from various options to invoice any service.

Clear & Accurate Service Description

Add details, notes, and images to describe and tag the services.

Transparent & Simple Pricing

Apply discounts, taxes, and fees to each service and show the total amount.

Professional & Elegant Printing

Customize the layout, font, color, and logo to print the invoice on letterhead.

Customizable Terms & Conditions

Set payment terms, due dates, late fees, and other policies as per your agreement.

Efficient & Consistent Invoicing Management

Track, manage, and send invoices from one dashboard, and sync them with your accounting software.