What is The Inactive Ledger Module in Tally?

The Inactive Ledger module for Tally is an add-on that helps businesses manage their ledger accounts more effectively. When using the same Tally data for multiple years, businesses may accumulate ledger accounts that were created in past years but are no longer usable in the current financial year. The Inactive Ledger module allows businesses to hide these accounts from selection to avoid mistakes and wrong postings.

List of Features

Unused Ledger Accounts View

View all unused ledger accounts without transactions or opening balances in a single report.

Hide Unwanted Ledger Accounts

Hide unwanted ledger accounts from selection when making entries.

Delete Multiple Unwanted Accounts

Delete multiple unwanted accounts from a single screen.

Improved Control Over Ledger Account Selection

Improve your control over ledger account selection and avoid irrelevant or obsolete accounts.

Reduced Errors or Wrong Postings

Reduce the potential for errors or wrong postings by hiding or deleting unwanted ledger accounts.

Enhanced Financial Management

Enhance your financial management by viewing, hiding, or deleting unused ledger accounts.