What is the The Email Outstanding Due Statement Module In Tally?

Unpaid debts or outstanding payments can significantly hinder the growth of a business. To maintain a steady cash flow and accumulate working capital, it is essential for businesses to have an effective outstanding management follow-up system. We came up with such a system to help businesses manage their outstanding payments.

With Email Outstanding Due Statement add-on, you can streamline your cash flow by automating the process of sending outstanding payment reminder emails. This eliminates the need for time-consuming and exhausting manual follow-up and ensures that all transaction details, including the pending amount, are included in the reminder email.

List of Features

Enhance Cash Flow

Improve your cash flow by sending timely reminders to your defaulters.

Reduce Manual Errors

Avoid manual errors by sending automated emails with accurate payment details.

Send Bulk E-Mails

Send bulk emails to multiple defaulters at once with a single click.

Increase Employee Productivity

Increase your employee productivity by saving time and effort on payment follow-up.

Ensure Timely Payment Follow-Up

Ensure timely payment follow-up by sending regular and customized emails to your defaulters.

Control the Recipient List

Control the recipient list and select or deselect specific customers as per your preference.