What is The Disable On Account Module in Tally?

The Disable on Account module for Tally is an add-on that helps businesses gain better control over their financial transactions. With advanced security features, this module ensures that all payments and receipts are properly accounted for and linked to specific purchase or sale invoices. By restricting ‘On account Payments’ or ‘On Account Receipts’ without any reference to specific Purchase / Sale Invoices, this module helps businesses avoid mistakes and improve the accuracy of their financial records.

List of Features

On Account Payments or Receipts Restriction

Restrict ‘On account Payments’ or ‘On Account Receipts’ without reference to specific invoices.

Bill-wise Clearance

Ensure bill wise clearance of payments and receipts.

Advanced Security Features

Provide advanced security features for financial transactions.

Enhanced Accuracy of Financial Records

Enhance the accuracy of your financial records and avoid errors or discrepancies.

Reduced Errors or Discrepancies

Reduce potential errors or discrepancies in your financial records by restricting on account payments or receipts.

Improved Financial Management & Control

Improve your overall financial management and control with better visibility and accountability.