What is The Tally Authorisation Module in Tally?

The Authorisation module for Tally Prime provides an additional layer of security and oversight for your company's financial records. With this module, all data entries are checked and verified before being added to your records. This helps prevent costly mistakes and ensures that your financial records are accurate and well-protected. By keeping a watchful eye on all transactions, you can have greater confidence in the integrity of your company's records. The Authorisation module is an essential tool for any business looking to maintain accurate and reliable financial records.

List of Features

Easy-To-Use Dashboard

Use the dashboard to manage authorizations easily.

Real-Time Access & Tracking

Access and track voucher status in real-time.

Voucher Tracking & archiving

Track and archive every voucher for any purpose.

Multiple Transactions Authorization

Authorize multiple transactions with one click.

Enhanced Control & Oversight

Control and oversee financial transactions within your company.

Greater Confidence & Accuracy

Trust the accuracy and integrity of your financial records.