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Vidya Pranali


Various educational institutes from schools to colleges and even private tuitions Face a need to integrate the information ertaining to impotant aspects.

  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Admission, Fees managementand overall administration finding a single platform solution is always welcome.

The Challenges

For lack of a single platform there are many solutions wed in a single institute.

  • One for student database and fees admin and
  • The other for accounts
  • There are many others for exams and reporting
  • Still there may be manual record for certificates like ‘Bonafide student’ and ‘leaving certificate’ etc.
Apex Answer

Converging all the educational management functions in Tally ERP 9 Platform has been an important achievement of Apex.

By Treating students as debtors and introducing automatic fee vouchers ( invoices) Generation Apex has achieved a real time saving utility. The database of students includes vital personal information along with even photographs.

One can manage scanned copies of previous records as well as generate certificates. It’s possible to maintain records of properties, registers of assets school bus management, Labs and libraries as well as one page summary of every student.

Revolving the information of every student around his/her PRN ( permanent registration- number) offers unmatehed ease of creating and retrieving data.

Benefits of Module

  • Single point reference for each student by a unique PRN identification.
  • Detailed information capturing for each student in student master with photograph helps a lot.
  • All the functions of income ( like fees ) and expenditure ( salaries and admin ) get covered properly
  • Important statutory compliances get covered easily ( salary related taxation TDS etc.)
  • No need to maintain many databases hence reconciliation efforts are zero.


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