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Vegetable Distribution Management


Modern age consumers need a lot of produced/manufactured natural and artificial items for daily consumption.

These items are purchased from the principal organization and then passed on to the Secondary distributors/retailers. The agencies who purchase the items from principal organization are ‘Distributors’

They need to keep information about multiple suppliers and similarly retailers further.

What we understand is at every level, manufacturing is involved in our lives one or the other way. To run a manufacturing setup, be it small or large, systems are required.

The Challenges

The dynamic nature of the business demand that the distributor must be aware be of The movement of stocks and payment follow up from the purchasers on a day to day basic.

Knowing the performance of own sales force and then that of the retailers is very Important to decide sales strategies as well as for payment movement.

As the distributors don’t have a totally reliable system to carry out both these takes together it causes a performance delay/ downgrading.

Apex Answer

Based on the tight integration of inventory and accounts that Tally.ERP 9 offers Along with capability to modify the code and generate M/S, Apex has created it’s distribution Management Solution ( DMS ) as a prachical answer to the distributors challenges.

This versatile utility allows the distributor to create multiple suppliers , multiple items And multiple retailers together with sales representative it’s possible to set targets and check Performance of all the agencies from retailer to salespersons against the same.

Stock item wise, retailer wise sales person wise performance reports can be generated. Also , tracking the payment history is possible.


  • Create multiple masters ( suppliers, purchases, items and sales persons )
  • Set targets for performance and analyse the same
  • Day by day performance tracking ( rather than weekly or monthly ) for faster decision making
  • Coloured indicators to see performance level c green for good, yellow for careful,
    Red for poo etc.
  • Multiple dynamic reports to see stock movement and understand the market’s
    Response to a particular product.
  • Payment follow up tool for records keeping and reminder.


  • Unified system for inventory accounts and m/s .
  • Easily exportable information ( to excel ,PDF etc.)
  • Visual indicators for faster decision making
  • Unique payment follow up tool for tighter credit control
    We have covered business of various distributors
  • Automobile distributors [ should be removed from here ]
  • Crain / Vegetable distributors [ we cover various aspects of their work Including APMC transactions interestingly we have successfully covered this in Marathi too.
  • Hardware distributor [ multiple branch and items ]
    Can be easily managed by the variant of our DMS
  • Mobile distributor [ selling sim cord , Dongles and handset with important-Tracking of IMEI is now possible.