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Tally Integration Solutions
In the modern age, very few enterprises can work in vacuum, without interacting with other business management systems that are owned by their associates. You need reports to be submitted, forms to be filled, excel sheets to be exchanged with your colleagues within and without your own premises.

Tally has its own capabilities of data interchange; to export its own data in industry standard formats like HTML, EXCEL and XML. But there are two specific needs that a user faces:
•   Exporting the data as expected by the receiver
•   Importing the data from external sources

For both these requirements to be fulfilled, customization is required. Who else but APEX will provide you these services effectively?

External Data to Tally
How Tally interacts with external data – TALLY DATA INTEGRATION

Modern day businesses can't work in isolation. We advocate the use of Tally.ERP9 for business management for all our clients and prospects. However as a part of the business activities they have to interact with many external entities.

These can be
  • Suppliers
  • Customers
  • Business Associates
  • Local or Overseas Principals
  • Consultants
  • Chartered Accountants and Business Audit firms

The list can go on with increasing business size and activities.

It brings along reporting and exchange of data on a regular basis. The practical issue arises when the interacting party needs data exchanged in its own format.

There are examples when overseas principals need reports in their own ERP (like SAP) compliant format or the principals may send their data in XML or MS Excel format to distributors. Then again there are needs of organizations where data needs to be exchanged between backend database of websites and user end.

Can Tally handle it? Well, there are possibilities of importing data to a practical extent in Tally and also it can be exported. But when it comes to a SPECIFIC FORMAT, one has to recourse to Data Integration through Tally Customisation.

Apex has both practice and expertise of managing these needs. Over the years we have helped many organisations, both Indian and MNC to work in these demanding environments. Thanks to the capability of Tally.ERP9 to mould itself to handle the changing requirements, we have emerged today as an able source for practically all types of data integration around Tally.ERP9.