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Tally Customisation Solutions

Tally Customisation – What do we mean by it?

Tally in itself is a fantastic Business Management tool, what with its capability of managing Accounts, Inventory and Business Analysis Categories (for e.g. Cost Centers) flawlessly.
In true sense it's Business in A Box solution to almost all of business categories.

However many a times modern enterprises have requirements that transcend the features available in default Tally software. These are the times when customisation plays an important role.

There are 3 different ways in which we can modify Tally's performance for practical purpose.
These are:
  • How Tally Behaves
  • How Tally Enhances Documents and
  • How Tally interacts with external data

Let's look at them briefly for easier understanding.
Documents Designing

How Tally Enhances Documents – The customized invoices and special MIS reports

So what if we have all these controls in place as mentioned above.

The users need to have the ease of managing their business documents in an easy manner. There are preprinted stationery items like invoices and P.O. that need to be filled in automatically. Smallest of requirements is that of generating payment advices to be printed along with cheques being issued.

Then again the management still needs to make sense of the data churned by the business management tools. Only then it can be called 'INFORMATION'. Otherwise it's just GIGO - Garbage In Garbage Out.

With Document Customisation in Tally, Apex can deliver results that users expect.


  • Commercial Invoices
  • TAX (Excise) Invoices
  • Service Industry and CA Invoices
  • Cheque Printing
  • Cheque Advices Printing
  • Purchase Orders with Terms and Conditions
  • Inclusion of Company Logo in all official documents
are few of the requirements that we manage day in and day out.

You can CLICK HERE to see samples of the AVAILABLE OFF THE SHELF samples of invoices that we have designed for your ready use. Pick one of them that may suit your choice.


Along with the users, when the management starts demanding useful information, Tally proves to be a valuable tool. Numerous reports are available from the default design that can easily suffice the needs of the managers readily including both Accounts and Inventory. This also includes Budgeting and Scenario Management.

Apex adds to Tally's capability of data management by introducing elements like Analysis Categories and Multi Dimensional Analysis (for e.g. Sales figures analysed across geographies, Territories, Regions, Cities, Sales Managers, Distributors, Retailers and Product Categories along with the Products themselves.)

These reports enable the management to slice and dice the information to find out the performance of each and every contributing factor towards the business. It is also possible now to see all this information in Pie Chart Formats for Graphical Analysis and Pivot Table formats for minute comparisons.

More importantly, all these reports can easily be exported in various user friendly formats like WORD, EXCEL and PDF or HTML for easy sharing with colleagues.

A staggering 150+ reports are available for MIS when it comes to integrated industries like Manufacturing that may combine both Distribution and Services as a part of their total business activities.

You can see few of the samples HERE. We are eager to know your ideas and take a plunge together to explore ways of realizing them.
Behavioural Changes

How Tally Behaves – Introduction of Business Rules

There are two needs of modern businesses when streamlining business operations.
  • Make information available on a need to know basis (sales department shouldn't have access to accounts data or stores should know only inventory figures and not the purchase value etc.)
  • Control the inputs by way of either imposing higher/lower limits on value (avoid P.O. generation beyond Rs. 1,00,000 or restrict sales when stock goes negative etc.) and/or restricting entry/deletion beyond set period (avoid back dated entries).

Apex, with its years of experience of handling various business domains knows these requirements very clearly and thus can manage them to meet most demanding of the situations.

Making available user specific logins that restrict the available menu options and providing User Specific Voucher Level Security to authorization restrictions for raised P.O. and payments and removing Voucher Deletion option (keeping only voucher cancellation available) are a few of the capabilities that we can provide in order to make the adage true – Prevention Is Better Than Cure! Come to us for discussing your specific problems. Rest assured we can handle them.