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Tally.ERP 9 - Auditors' Edition
A growing economy, widening tax net and increasing compliance requirements make an Auditor's role critical. For a Chartered Accountant like yourself, this could mean time is at a premium. Travel and people costs escalate by the day. Manpower is in short supply. Instead of an ideal level workload across the year, you have short periods of intense work. You can turn all this around. Presenting Tally.ERP 9 - Auditors' Edition, a powerful tool exclusively for CAs.

Tally.ERP 9 - Auditors' Edition is designed to help you to transform your practice and streamline your clients' businesses. Working in conjunction with Tally.ERP 9 installed at your clients' offices, this unrivalled product can increase audit efficiency, reduce time and effort, increase opportunity by adding new services to your portfolio, and more. The new remote capability to access clients data from wherever you are - say directly from your office, and even offer value-added services like Continuous Compliance... are just some of the many opportunities available to you via this unique product.

Highlights of Tally.ERP 9 – Auditors' Edition:

  • Secure remote access to client's data
  • Provides the option to Audit from anywhere
  • At-a-glance dashboard showing voucher/ledger correctness and verification status
  • Easy-to-spot-errors via exceptions
  • Special audit and compliance tools for :
       Tax Audit u/s 44AB
       Statutory Audit
  • Statutory Compliance for regular Compliance services
  • Generate annexure to Form 3CD
  • Generate Form 3CD
  • Generate Schedule VI Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss A/c Statements

Increase audit efficiency

  • Access to the client's data and reports remotely, without needing to visit clients, via Tally.NET
  • Special capabilities to assist in regular Statutory Compliance
  • Audit Dashboard and generation of annexure and reports for Tax Audit, such as: Form 3CD Annexure Clause16, Clause 17(h), Clause 21, Clause 24(a), Clause 24 (b), Annexure II, and Clause 27
  • 100% manual verification and validation of vouchers can be avoided
  • Filter reports on the Audit Dashboard based on the audit requirement
  • Clarifications required can be posted by the CA and responded to within Tally.ERP 9 Increase scope of additional revenue through special services
  • With considerable time saved, Chartered Accountants can provide new Business Advisory services to clients
  • Tally Integrator partners are available to jointly work with CAs to deliver technology solutions around Tally.ERP 9 for areas identified by the CA
  • Tally Service Partners are available to jointly work with CAs to ensure that their clients can get affordable system management and services around Tally.ERP 9

By participating in this program, we are confident that Chartered Accountants will see improved revenues, reduced costs and have quality time to offer enhanced services to their clients.

Tally is committed to deliver the necessary technology support - with products, tools, processes and a robust sales & support ecosystem to enable CA's to deliver expert professional services.
Satutory Audit

Everything you need to perform a comprehensive Statutory Audit

The Auditors' Edition of Tally.ERP 9 presents a powerful tool-in addition to Tax audit and Statutory Compliance tools-to perform Statutory Audit. This tool enables an Auditor to analyse the Books of Accounts, discover exceptions and highlight deviations. The auditor can also generate the required Financial Statements like Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account as per Schedule VI which needs to be submitted to the stake holders as per the format prescribed in Company's act.

Highlights of Statutory Audit Tool

  • Flexibility to compare data available in two different Companies
  • Present the data in the required format for analysis and Audit
  • Highlight specific exceptions
  • Step by Step approach to conduct various analysis to find deviations
  • Facility to apply sampling methods to filter transactions for vouching
  • Provides the facility to perform audit and provide necessary audit comments
  • Functionalities like Cut, Paste, Undo etc. have been provided to classify/re-classify any default Tally Group/Ledger Balances to prepare the required reports
Data Analysis

Flexible and Quick Data Analysis

Data Analysis consists of various Analysis tools which help the auditor to check the data, compare the Audit data with previous year's data and highlight exceptions to carry on further investigations. The auditor will also be able to fix the data if he has been provided the necessary rights.

Verification of Chart of Accounts

The Verification of Chart of Accounts will help to organise the Chart of Accounts in a presentable manner and highlight the exceptions by comparing with the previous year's Chartof Accounts.

Verification of Stock Items

This report will help the auditor to check the available Stock Items and draw attention for the exceptional items such as negative stocks, difference in balances etc by comparing with the previous years Stock Items list.

Verification of Balances

Will help the auditor to check the difference in Opening Balances and Transaction details by highlighting the exceptions.

Analytical procedures

This is a powerful Data Analysis tool which will help the auditor to Compare various Groups/Ledgers/Cost Category/Cost Centres or cross compare these to draw various trends. This report will also provide the variance details among the selected parameters to help the auditors to carry on further investigation.

Pending Documents

By this report the auditor will be able to decide the related areas of investigations and get the necessary pending Bills and Orders closed based on the actual situation.

Statutory Payments

This report will help the auditor to find if the necessary Statutory payments were made on time or not.

Precise, full-view Auditing

The Auditing section helps the auditor to check and audit all the available transactions by applying the necessary sampling methods:

Verification of Vouchers

The auditor has an option to apply the recommended Sampling methods and do the Auditing for the Sampled Vouchers or audit all Vouchers.

Related party Transactions

The auditor can identify the Ledger Master as Related Parties based on the information given by the Client and all the transactions belonging to the Related Parties will be available for scrutiny.

ForEx Transactions

This report list down all the transactions involving Multi Currency and provides the option to conduct Audit.

Outstanding from MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises)

Auditor can check and audit the Outstanding Payments for the parties identified as MSME's.

Salary / Wages Payments

Auditor can check the Headcount details and Salary Payment details for all the employees and an option to audit these transactions is provided.
Quick Tax Setup

Introducing a power wizard to simplify your tax configurations on Tally.ERP 9

You are starting a new business or a new taxation policy has been introduced in the state, and your business has to adhere. Imagine the situation now to set up your software tools to address the complicated tax computation, train your staff to understand the new tax laws to mark changes to in all new transactions, and continue to run the business without any worries. In this situation it would be helpful if you have a wizard to help you through the configuration of the tax modules on your Tally.ERP 9 and let your staff continue the business the way it was meant to be without having to worry about mistakes.

Quick configure, quick benefit:

Quick set up is a powerful wizard that will guide you to configure statutory masters required for the effective use of a particular statutory module. It is a one time, step-by-step configuration that will ensure the tax rates/percentage for various items and services, tax assessment number, name and designation of person incharge of business etc. are set up for your business accurately. It only takes few minutes to configure and if there is a change in the taxation policy in future, you will have to reconfigure the values. Quick setup is a single window statutory master configuration screen that allows configuring accounts and inventory masters required for every statutory module. Quick setup allows you to make required basic configurations to the masters to account statutory transactions. It also allows making advance configurations, wherever applicable. With quick setup you will be able to select the tax module of your choice in one step without having to go through the entire menu option.

Quickly configure different taxation modules:

Quick setup has different configuration screens for specific statutory modules. For example if you select the quick setup for Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) module, it guides you step-by-step to configure only those masterswhich are applicable for TDS. Similarly to configure masters for other taxation modules you have to select the appropriate quick setup screens.
Financial Statements - Schedule VI

Comprehensive Financial Statements as per Schedule VI

Using Auditors' Edition of Tally.ERP 9 the following Financial Statements can be prepared as per the Schedule VI requirements as specified in Companies Act:
  • Balance Sheet as per Schedule VI
  • Profit & Loss A/c as per Schedule VI

All the default Tally Groups are mapped to the Schedule VI titles to generate the above Financial Statements. The tool provides the flexibility to the auditors to re-classify these Groups as per the requirement without affecting the Client's data.

Some of the salient features of Schedule VI Balance Sheet are:

  • Can be generated with a single click
  • Tally Default Groups (Business Groups) are mapped to Schedule VI groupings by default
  • Can be further regrouped as required (User defined)
  • Flexible Schedule numbering
  • Generation of Schedules
  • Export to Excel for further formatting if required

Some of the salient features of Schedule VI Profit & Loss A/c are:

  • Sales & Income Groups are mapped to INCOME by default
  • Expenses & Purchase Groups are mapped to EXPENDITURE
  • Option to rename INCOME & EXPENDITURE is provided to support all industries
  • Flexibility to regroup within INCOME & EXPENDITURE
  • Flexible Schedule numbering
  • Generation of Schedules
  • Export to Excel for further formatting if required