For Whom
  • Do you use the latest powerful accounting solution Tally9.ERP?
  • Are you a large company with multi-location accounting practice?
  • Do you have multiple group companies that report the accounting results to the H.O. periodically?
  • Do you just have a single company but the volume of data in accounts is too large to handle while reporting?
For What
  • Tally needs a partner that allows Tally to do its work in a great way while taking the burden of reporting on its own shoulders, to save time, human efforts and processing power.
  • You have been waiting for this partner for quite some time. You need branch or group company data merging, multiple formats of reporting, analysis from many angles and much more. Moreover, you need to generate the reports urgently. Your condition is serious and you are desperately waiting for that partner for Tally.
  • First and foremost, ‘You DO NOT NEED to merge data while using T-Wings for multi-branch or group-company analysis'. This single feature itself sets T-Wings apart from the competition. But please read further to know more benefits of T-Wings
  • You don’t need to export data from Tally to generate the reports in T-Wings. (However reports generated from T-Wings get easily thrown to Excel for further analysis, which saves a lot of time.)