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Business Opportunity with Apex

Your search for Tally.ERP9 business partner

If Tally.ERP9 is your chosen path for success in business and if you are searching for a business partner who will;
  • Provide you all the essential information about Tally.ERP9
  • Show you all the business opportunities
  • Explore all the possibilities of doing business together
  • Share all the information needed for you as experience
  • Provide you with all the material needed for making the lasting impact in business calls
  • Share with you the business profits generously
  • Ensure your growth and success in symbiotic manner always
  • Always display the most important qualities that Tally teaches, Honesty and Integrity
    then we are happy to announce that your search is over.

We are Apex Actsoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a company that knows and follows only the business of Tally.

Benefits to Apex partner

By becoming a partner you get an instant access to the following.
  • Opportunity to do business with India's chosen Business Management Software, Tally.ERP9.
  • Training on Tally.ERP9 usage and sales with all the essential sales kits.
  • Collective knowledge of Tally.ERP9 usage in practical situations across thousands of client places.
  • Backing of a well equipped office for all the three needs of the Tally business, namely Sales, Support and Customisation as and where needed.
  • Constant updating of knowledge, both domain and functional to cope up with changing business scenarios.
  • Possibility to offer ready made solutions from as small as Invoice Customisation to Industry Verticals (like Educational Institute Management, Rent-A-Car, Freight Forwarding etc.) to Full Fledged Manufacturing Process Automation.
  • Chances of earning good remuneration for the efforts extended in the form of generous Profit Sharing structure in both product sale and services.
  • Opportunity to earn perpetual income year over years in the form of TNS (Tally Dot Net Subscription) as well as AMC services.

There are many roles that you can play depending on your natural interests and the structure of your business entity when becoming a part of Tally Channel through Apex.

From a simple Sales Partner who is running Proprietary Business to a TSP or TI who involves with its Technical and Marketing teams for deploying large scale solutions are all our important business associates. We at Apex are always concerned about the partner's progress because we are following a tried and tested model that Tallly has extended to us.

If Tally is successful with 140+ MTPs (Master Tally Partners) like Apex (Tally doesn't sell to TP-Tally Partner or end user. It sells through the MTP network who then develop a TP network of their own.), we too must develop our own partner network to be successful. Our humble start from ## partners in the first year of achieving MTP status to a jump to 400 partners in this year (our third year as MTP) is a testimony of our belief.

Confusion Prevails

We know that you have so many questions still lingering in your mind.
  • What will be my status, TP, TSP, TI or something else?
  • What are the profit margins?
  • What are the security deposits?
  • Are there any sales targets?
  • What is the credit period?
  • Is it MUST to sell Tally in order to become Apex partner?
  • What's a referral partner?

Not all of these can be answered on this page as we must first understand your interest, your earlier business experience and most important of all, what are your aspirations?

Once we understand more about you, we can carve a profile for you very easily.

For that we must interact first. For further information on our Partner Initiatives please call us on our office phone number
+91-22-25818181 (100 hunting lines) and ask for Ms. Deepika or Mr. Yashodhar.