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Not all healthcare facilities with IPD are as large as hospitals.

In cities and towns Doctors make available facilities for admitting 5 – 10 patients where they can manage the patient treatment in a practical way.

However managing other records is not always very easy. For this they need simple software solutions that can be handled by the available staff which may not have very sophisticated training on usage of computers.

The Challenges

  • Not so sophisticated users for the computer and software.
  • Seamless retrieval of information of past and present of patients’ treatment.
  • Correct follow up of bills and fees of involved doctors.


  • Managing availability of beds.
  • Recording proper patient history (Case File).
  • Noting down the allocated Doctors’ information.
  • Basic information on treatment given.
  • Handling OPD and IPD patient information.
  • Preparing bills as per the duration, treatment and medicines provided.
  • Bills settlement
  • Discharge cards for patients with proper treatment information.


  • No need to maintain multiple software systems; one for business functions and other for accounting.
  • Easy to use interface that helps the user to learn the software quickly without hassles.
  • Future ready software platform with all important functionalities included.