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Housing Society


Modern day urban leaving imposes that people live together in apartments in high rise Buildings to maintain these premises the neigh bours have to come together and help each other by forming the co-op Hsg. Soc.

To manage the important monetary transactions pertaining to monthly in the form of Maintenance charges and expenses for maintenance and statutory dues a reliable system is required.

The Challenges

Though in many societies external agencies like C.A.S. to maintain the monthly records, There is a need for self management of the same by the societies. Moreover the C.A.S. to need Same by the societies moreover the C.A.S. to need a trustworthly system for the regular work.

Finding eacha system that with handle the database of members and also company with statutory and other need while maintaining the financial data is a big challenge.

Apex Answer

Using its pathbreaking ideas of software and data management Apex has created a system on Tally.ERP 9 Platform that handles all the needs of a moder CHS very easily in a hassle Free way.

It Maintain database of members generates earning and expense heads, handles all the Relevant transactions and then generates dependable m/s.

As it has Tally.ERP 9 as the base maintaining multiple Society in formation is easily Possible this helps C.A.S. and professional to we this S/w commercially.


  • Create masters : Society, Building. Wing, Floor, Flat, Nos , Members with names and personal details.
  • Create both earning and expense heads with both ‘recurring and ‘one time’ nature.
  • Create and allocate charges ( collections) to each member/property.
  • Generate auto invoice ( Demand Notes ) an a regular ( monthly/quarterly) bills.
  • Create receipts
  • Calculate interest on default/Delayed payments
  • Statutory compliances like TDS etc.
  • Multiple reports for Income/Expenditure/Interest/Defaults etc.


  • Simple user interface.
  • Back end data easily acceptable for the auditing agencies
  • Integrated solution with members database and financial calculations.
  • Can be used commercially as multiple database can be created.