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Freight Forwarding


With the advent of modern day international trade, the role of shipping companies, their agents and general clearing agents has increased. They handle all the three modes of transport:

Land ( Surface), Sea and Air on behalf of their Clients They need better S/W solution that helps then get a better grip of the business.

The Challenges

As are client can have multiple Cansignmentat a given time it become difficult to track them easily. These so called ‘JOBS’ from the backbone of this business and finding ‘profitability’ against each job is the toughest challenge that the clearing and forwarding agencies face.

Apex Answer

Because Apex understands client requirements in a better way from the Tally.ERP 9 Framework finding solutions that are practical is always easy with apex. So here also a focus on JOB has paid a dividend in the form of a versatile software Now the forwarder can have control over are to call consignments at the same time.


  • Create Import / Export Consignments ( jobs)
  • Create sea / Air / Land Consignments ( jobs)
  • Assign multiple jobs to one client
  • Allocate various incomes / expenses to created jobs
  • Create invoices in various formats ( with T&C Text )
  • Calculate profitability per job
  • Reports for parties / consignments etc.


  • No need to have business and accounting s/w as separate assets.
  • Easy to understand, deploy and use.
  • Scalable to any higher level by up grading version from single to multi user etc.
  • The mast important job wise profitability gets calculated in the back end without disturbing the flow of business.