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Freight Transport


As the name suggests, Transport Industry for freight is related to transfer of material from one place to other. It may be utilized by both Manufacturing and Distribution Sector in order to transfer both Raw Material and Semi or Finished Goods at expected locations.

This industry needs to track dynamic nature of everyday transactions.

The Challenges

Because the movement of cargo can be covering

  • Original place to final destination - Direct.
  • Place of origin to final destination – with multiple stoppages in between.
  • Only one customer for one trip of vehicle.
  • Multiple customers’ cargo within one trip and such other combinations, managing the same becomes a big challenge.

Apex Answer

From within the framework of Ally, Apex has become successful in deriving a solution from this business segment.

Now transporter can easily relate to the menus created within the solution and with minimal data entry, can derive all the benefits of information required.


  • Create vehicle, client, Driver etc. masters for easy management of business functions.
  • Calculat4e expenses and income as per the nature of assignment (full load, partial load, multi stoppage, point to point delivery etc.
  • Calculate route-wise, trip wise, vehicle wise, client wise profitability.
  • Easy to learn and manage interface with trade specific menus.


  • The base is firmly rooted in accounts and Business Management as offered by Tally.ERP9
  • Learning curve is very steep so the user takes very less time to grasp the functions and draw reports.
  • Compatibility with statutory requirements gets easily covered.
  • Features addition, if really advantageous to the trade is suggested by the user can be accommodated in the solution.