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Distribution Management System


Major Organizations, especially in the business of FMCG, White Goods, Vehicles etc. depend on distribution networks comprising of Super distributors, Distributors, Retailers etc.

Typically, Distributor or Retailer is a daily occurring and vibrant relation performance by a retailer reflects ultimately on that of the distributor.

So the distributor needs to check the business developments on a regular basis.

He tries to ensure the progressive working of the business by involving its own Sales Force and the work of the retailers.

There is a need of a dependable system to manage this process.

The Challenges

Scattered data related to multiple brands, retailers, sales persons etc.

Lack of integrated system that can cover both business systems and accounts along with inventory and statutory compliance.

Frequent need of dual data entry because of lack of unified system.

Difficult to get performance tracking of retailers on a daily basis.

Apex Answer

To bring together performance measurement against set parameters while recording routine business transactions is the crux of the solution needed by the distributor community and Apex has addressed that practically. With the help of the DMS Solution, it is now possible to seamlessly tackle this requirement.

While creating the masters, the solution makes a provision for linking them further in transactions so that a given sales entry at the distributor’s end will capture all the essential details like Date – Party – Brand – Product Group – Product and Sales Person, thereby creating valid information


  • Sale during a given period.
  • Movement of a given Product / Group
  • Purchases done by a party in the given period.
  • Sales person responsible for a given Sale.
  • Analysis of Sales Data against set parameters on a date to date basis.
  • Payment tracking for outstanding.

Benefits of Module

  • No need to have multiple data sources.
  • Single transaction captures all the essential business data.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Tally ERP9 features help under group the further valid information such as accounting, inventory and statutory compliance with ease.