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Club Management


With expendable income rising in the modern day living, many new concepts such as visiting malls, travelling etc. have come up. One such outlet is Club. They can be meant for recreation or for social purpose.
Many members come together to form the club and run it with the help of managed membership.

The Challenges

Keeping information of the member of the club updated and managing the income in the form of fees as well as expenses incurred in various events is a challenge that the club management face.

Apex Answer

By treating the members of the club as Debtors and providing a facility to generate the membership fee automatically on a periodic basis, Apex has managed to answer the question that this service segment has. Use of Tally ERP9 platform improves the user experience.


  • Manage membership details as Masters.
  • Create classes of membership such as Silver, Gold, Diamond etc. and set membership fee limits and periodicity accordingly.
  • Generate automatic fees as per set rules of membership.
  • Send mails to members for fees / renewal of membership / special events etc.
  • Calculate and levy charges for use of club properly / services by members / non-members.
  • Manage income and expenses incurred during the running of affairs properly.
  • Easy management of accounts and statutory compliance along with MIS.


  • Easy to use interface.
  • Only restricted access to relevant features for lower level staff is possible
  • Future proof technology platform that takes care of changing statutory needs too.