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Cement Industry


Major Players in Cement Industry require their larger business volume to be driven by ‘Super Distributors’ or ‘Distributors.’

These players purchase cement in bulk in the name of their clients wherein the bills are raised on the clients’ names and the deliveries also happen at clients’ place.

The distributor takes responsibility of payment to the principal company on behalf of the client.

In the whole transaction, the distributor earns his commission when the client makes ……… his payment to the main company.

The Challenges

Time is the essence here. As the rolling happens over just a day or two, the distributor must have a good control over the quality being ordered, dispatched and paid.

A proper MIS is this industry’s need when commission calculations come into play.

Apex Answer

Using Tally.ERP9 as platform and using business logic Apex has been successful in answering the major challenges that this business faces.

Now P.O., Dispatches, Payment and Commission calculations can be managed in Tally. ERP9 itself.


  • Capture all transaction records from P.O. to Dispatch and collection to Commission.
  • Calculate proper commission depending on various business parameters and prepare statements.
  • Get a proper profitability and such other MIS Specific analysis.


  • Time tested and robust platform of Tally Technology is available for solution design, development and deployment.
  • All essential business functions get covered in a single application; no need for multiple record keeping.
  • Easy to understand interface.
  • All Accounting, Business Analysis and Statutory compliance requirements get covered easily.