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If you are young at heart, believe in stories of Rags to Riches and want to be a partner of an unfolding global saga, you are reading the right page.

Tally is the name of the game and Tally is the reason for our success. You would like to know that this 25 years old software company has all the plans to become the backbone of business transactions across India by 2015 and that of the globe by 2030. We are raring to go and make it big on the expanding stage.

For last over a decade we have nurtured a dream of making it big at Tally domain and have left every other opportunity that lured us on our path. The result is our expansion from a literal basement to swanky office that covers full floor of a prestigious Technology Park with branches coming up in other cities.

We at Apex have always believed in homogeneous growth of the organization with our colleagues (we don’t have employees in our company!). This is achieved by offering them many chances of personal growth both by position and in monetary terms.
Hence it’s not surprising for us to find our colleagues swiping their roles.

Where do you fit in?

Apex is more than just tech jobs. See what we mean.

Customer Care

Support teams are solution enablers who create & manage a dynamic and optimized infrastructure that supports business, operation and product innovation at Apex. We seek professionals who are practitioners in the areas of Business acquisition & solutioning , Engagement, Transition, Service Delivery, Business Operations & Integrated Operations.
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our software teams include not only expert engineers and project managers.Candidates must be self-motivated team players who thrive in a fast-paced, constantly changing environment and love consuming technology almost as much as creating it. If you’re a smart, creative, ambitious engineer who’s always looking for a better way, we’d like to talk to you.
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If you’re an insightful person with great people skills and a talent for negotiation, you may be exactly who we’re looking for. Come share your expertise in human resources management, talent acquisition, training and development, and compensation.

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If you love to think both creatively and strategically — and are willing to go the extra mile for every project — you could be our next new hire. Expertise ranging from product marketing to developer relations, public relations to marketing communications, will help keep Apex's products and messaging on the cutting edge.
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Examples of Success at Apex-

One of our female colleagues who had joined us as receptionist showed her interest in interpersonal communication. We found her flair for sales that was dormant and offered her a role swipe. Today she leads our Product Sales Division with her colleagues.

- A similar story occurred with one other female colleague who approached us to become a GOOD RECEPTIONIST and OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR. We found her talents at interview table itself and offered her to try her hand at Programming. She is a successful and important Old Hand at Apex today.

- A male colleague of ours who was showing excellent traits of analysis while managing his team of Support Executives was honed by us to be Lead SRS (System Requirement Study) Manager. He has become an integral part of all our recent successful projects that needed a meticulous requirement analysis. Thanks to his domain knowledge, we never have needed to turn back since.

There is more to say when it comes to constant improvements in procedures and designs in all our processes and projects. Direct customer interaction gives ample scope to both our sales and execution group members to understand practical issues and improve their skills.
Compensation is never a constraint for a deserving colleague at Apex. A golden present and diamond studded tomorrow awaits you on Tally’s horizon. Apex is eager to bring together restless young minds who are ready to charge.

We are waiting. Are you there?