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Advanced Business Combo Pack

Background While using Tally.ERP 9 the user comes across various challenges that are not easily answered within the default product framework. This is because the product Tally.ERP 9 has been designed as a generic tool and is supposed to offer flexibility of operation and not always does it suit the stringent needs of a business.

Fore.g.Tally.ERP 9 allows you to make changes even in a back dated voucher as this is a flexibility that may be required at times when you get additional details such as narration for it on a future date.

Some organisations may find this as a useful feature but some may restrict such freedom.

The Challenges
How to tackle this issue? Customisation of the features to avail the needed functionality is the answer.

  • But the end user is not capable of programming this on his own and needs help of external agency.
  • There can be multiple patches that need to be downloaded and activated on Tally license to avail the benefits.
  • Moreover to get support on the installed utilities the user will have to deal with multiple service providers that can be difficult at times and tiresome too.

Apex Solution Apex with its years of experience in providing services in accounting and especially dealing in Tally platform has appreciated this need of professional Tally users and has answered it with its ABC (Advanced Business Combo) Pack, which is a bunch of over 30 smart utilitiesthat can improve your experience of using Tally.ERP 9 many folds.

Detailed Features

General Category Utilities
Standard Narration for Vouchers:
Enable the user to enter the narrations of his/her choice in voucher
  • Create a set of standard narrations once for every voucher type
  • Most useful in cases like Payment Vouchers where number of repeatative transactions is more

Invoices and More
Service Industry Invoice:
Create Invoice specific to formats used by service industry
  • User can create own service descriptions as masters
  • Multiple components of the same service can be created one below the other

Outstanding Management
Multiple Outstanding Formats:
Provide multi-faceted view of outstanding figures
  • See outstanding information day/month/year wise etc.
  • Easy multidimensional analysis of the same information

Cash and Bank
Multi Bank Cashbook:
Show concise view of all Bank and Cash Accounts
  • Get to see all your Bank and Cash books' position in a single page
  • Very helpful to take a faster financial decision as a comprehensive view of funds position is available

Inventory Management
Import Supplier’s Price List:
Import Supplier’s Price List with reference to effective dates
  • Very useful for traders
  • The rates of items with specific date range can be applied automatically
  • Depending on the vendor, the same item can have different prices

Security Alerts and Controls for Accounts:
Disable Voucher Delete:
Disallow voucher deletion and keep track of all the vouchers created
  • The historical data of all the created vouchers is maintained
  • Numbering of vouchers is not altered that may otherwise happen because of voucher deletion

Security Alerts and Controls for Inventory
Control over Party Reference in Purchase:
Warn against the entry of the same reference number of a given party
  • Avoid reentering the same voucher booking for a given party
  • Avoids duplicate payment by mistake

As you can see the List Covers Distribution as well as Service Domain in a very practical way and offers to ease your workload to a great extent.