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Industrial gas distribution


Right from nursing homes and hospitals who need such essential gases as Oxygen up to the modern industries requiring Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen and Argon, industrial gases have found a wide customer base.

Accordingly a whole trade of manufacturing and supplying industrial gases in the form of individual cylinders or a whole grid of interconnected cylinders (with tubes) called as a trolley has come up recently.

However like all modern trades, this segment too has its own set of individual challenges.

The Challenges

A peculiarity of this business is that unlike other commodity, gas has to be transported in business owners’ own containers, namely cylinders or trolleys. You can’t pour it into bags or buckets of the users like solids and liquids. At the same time this container must be brought back to the manufacturing / filling site in order to refill and redespatch.

So technically the commodity being sold (Gas) is different from the items (cylinders) whose inventory needs to be managed. This is difficult / impossible to handle in default set up of Tally. ERP9.

Apex Answer

Using its expertise and experience, Apex has fought with this challenge and has succeeded in getting a positive solution.

Tally. ERP9 has been the chosen platform for developing this solution which has offered both flexibility of design and ready components of accounts, inventory and statutory compliance built in.


  • Manage all the relevant masters such as Raw Material, Finished Good (Gas), containers (Cylinder / Trolleys), client and others with ease.
  • Tackle dual inventory requirement; that of number and location of cylinders as well as that of Raw Material and Produce (Gas) in differing Units of Measurement (UOM) easily.
  • Prepare assignments for delivery and track the same so that location of cylinders is easily known always.
  • Manage inventory of Cylinders and Trollyes with a proper MIS.


  • Proper capturing of dual inventory management need helps make the business functions easier.
  • Robust platform of Tally.ERP9 ensures that the solution is full proof from accounting and inventory perspective.
  • Easy to fetch essential reports and properly manageable business management and compliance as offered by Tally ERP9.